2nd Nordic ICOS Symposium, 24 - 25 October, Gothenburg, Sweden

"Sources and Sinks of Greenhouse Gases"

The Nordic ICOS Symposium is a bi-annual joint venture of the Nordic ICOS RI national networks ICOS Denmark, ICOS Finland, ICOS Norway and ICOS Sweden. In 2019, it will be hosted by Sweden.
ICOS is a European infrastructure producing high-precision data on greenhouse gases. ICOS stations observe greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere as well as carbon fluxes between the atmosphere, the land surface and the oceans. The Nordic national ICOS networks in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden cover northern climates and ecosystems which are undergoing the fastest climate change in the world. Climate warming could destabilize carbon stored in boreal forest soils, accelerate degradation of the mires, and acidification of the seas, with concomitant impact on economy and commitment to enhance carbon sinks. The 2nd Nordic ICOS Symposium aims to foster the discussion on sources and sinks of greenhouse gases in Nordic countries, to stimulate interactions between research communities and between researchers and stakeholders.
Mycklemossen mire site


abstract submission: closed
registration deadline: closed


Palmstedtsalen, Chalmers Conference Centre, Chalmersplatsen 1, Gothenburg.


A fee of 600 SEK is required and covers the full symposium including symposium dinner and the visit to Skogaryd.
To register to the conference, please, follow the link.
Master students and PhD students may attend the symposium free of charge if presenting orally or with poster.

Time scheduled for your presentations

Length of the talk is : For invited speakers: 30 minutes, including the oral communication (22 minutes) and questions (8 minutes). For participants selected for a short talk: 15 minutes, including the oral communication (10 minutes) and questions (5 minutes).

Poster format

Dimensions of the posters should correspond to portrait A0 format (119 cm high x 84 cm wide).

Key note speakers

Annalea Lohila , Finnish Meteorological Institute and University of Helsinki
Aki Tsuruta, Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), Finland
Ana Bastos, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany
Anders Lindroth, Lund University, Sweden
Lars Eklundh, Lund University, Sweden
Åsa Kasimir, Gothenburg University, Sweden
Alex Vermeulen et al., ICOS ERIC Carbon Portal
Patrick Crill, Stockholm University, Sweden
Richard Sanders, Head of the Ocean Thematic center (OTC)


preliminary program online, pdf

Download information

The symposium information is available as pdf file for download.


For questions, please contact icos2019@akademikonferens.se.