Get data from ICOS Sweden stations

Downloading data from the Carbon Portal
All raw measurement data from the individual stations will be sent to the respective ICOS RI Thematic Centers, where they will be quality controlled and evaluated following common data handling procedures. The raw data and all analysis results will then be stored in central databases, from where they can be made accessible to end users via the ICOS RI Carbon Portal.

This data processing and quality control through the Thematic Centers will start, once a station has finished step 2 in the ICOS labeling process.
Right now, there is ICOS certified data from the Atmosphere stations Hyltemossa, Svartberget and Norunda available at the ICOS RI Carbon Portal..
  • To download near real time data from the Atmosphere stations choose Project: ICOS, Theme: Atmospheric data, Data level: 1
  • To download final quality controlled data from the Atmosphere stations choose Project: ICOS, Theme: Atmospheric data, Data level: 2

Data from the Ecosystem stations can be (at present) downloaded from the Carbon Portal as ICOS Sweden data as level 1 near-real time data, which has been machine controlled.
  • To download data from the ICOS Sweden Ecosystem stations choose Project: ICOS Sweden, Theme: Ecosystem data, Data level: 1

Data is organized in monthly, resp. annual, thematically grouped files (ecosystem fluxes, above canopy meteo data, below canopy meteo data, gas concentration profile, and air temperature profile). That means that more than one variable is saved in a file. Please, click on the stations name to download an xlsx-file with the metainformation for all available variables:

We are working on uploading and making data available. At the moment (2018-06-07) only data from the stations Hyltemossa, Norunda, Svartberget, Lanna and Degerö are available for direct download. For any other data, please contact us by mail.

How to cite data from ICOS Sweden
Data from ICOS Sweden stations are open under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License following the FAIR principles. We thus requires a proper reference and citation of the ICOS data, using the exact citation (including the provided doi or pid) as provided by ICOS. We kindly ask you to inform the data providers, traceable through the metadata connected to the provided DOI or PID, when the data is used for publication(s), and to offer them the possibility to comment and/or offer them co-authorship or acknowledgement in the publication when this is justified by the added value of the data for your results.
If the main content of a scientific paper is based on ICOS Sweden data, we kindly ask to acknowledge the Swedish Research Council (SRC) who co-finances ICOS Sweden under the number 2015-06020.
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Available data/variables
   Variable    Remarks
 Ecosystem variables
   ground water level    all stations
   PAR, incanopy    Hyltemossa, Norunda, and Svartberget
   soil heat flux    all stations
   soil moisture    all stations
   soil temperature    all stations
   tree temperature    Hyltemossa, Norunda, and Svartberget
 Flux variables
   carbon dioxide (CO2) flux    all stations
   friction velocity    all stations
   latent heat flux    all stations
   methane (CH4) flux    Abisko-Stordalen and Degerö
   nitrous oxide (N2O) flux    Lanna
   sensible heat flux    all stations
   wind: velocity and direction    all stations
 Meteorological variables
   air temperature    all stations
   atmospheric pressure    all stations
   PAR: incoming, outgoing, diffuse, and direct    all stations
   precipitation    all stations
   radiation: net and all four components    all stations
   relative humidity    all stations
   snow depth    all stations
   sunshine duration    all stations
   target surface temperature    all stations
 Temperature profile variables
   air temperature    all stations
 Profile variables
   carbon dioxide (CO2)    all stations
   water vapor (H2O)    all stations