Abisko-Stordalen has a long lasting history of climate and vegetation research going back to the 1970s.

The Abisko area is located on the 0°C isotherm which causes the permafrost in the mire to be of sporadic and of very dynamic nature. As a result of recent years warming in the area permafrost has been observed to degrade in many parts of the mires.

The site hosts an ICOS ecosystem station.

The Abisko-Stordalen measurement site (68°21′N, 19°03′E, 360 m asl) is located within the sporadic permafrost zone, adjacent to lake Torneträsk. A large portion of the mire consists of a slightly elevated drained area, altered by wetter depressions, which are not underplayed by permafrost.

Abisko-Stordalen site is operated by the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat at their Abisko Scientific Research Station. The station principal investigators are Janne Rinne (SPI) and Patrick Crill (Co-SPI).

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