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The ferrybox measures salinity, temperature, oxygen, chlorophyll fluorescence, turbidity, phycocyanin fluorescence and CDOM-fluorescence and have also two automated water samplers,that can be used to collect reference samples. During 2010 a pCO2 system from General Oceanic was purchased and installed next to the ferrybox.

The data from the ferrybox is transmitted to SMHI by satellite using ftp-protocol every hour. The pCO2 data is not yet transferred in near real time but work is ongoing to make it possible in the near future. The CO2 data is gathered during the service occasions in Lubeck or through Team Viewer. The raw CO2 data is recalculated with the in situ values for salinity and temperature from the ferrybox.

After years of problems with the system and sporadic data collection, it was finally fully operational in the fall of 2017 due to supportive efforts by the BONUS INTEGRAL project, and has been measuring continuously since. With support of members within BONUS INTEGRAL, the station is now an official marine station within ICOS.

Measured Ocean station variables


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