open position: Senior Lecturer at Lund University, deadline 30 September

The Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science at the Faculty of Sience/Lund University, Sweden, is looking for a Senior Lecturer with a focus on micrometeorological methods for generating data regarding greenhouse gas exchange between the Earth surface, vegetation, and atmosphere. The department runs a number of field stations for measuring carbon fluxes using eddy covariance techniques in primarily boreal and temperate environments but also in semi-arid ecosystems located in Africa. Application areas for these measurements range from generating basic knowledge within micrometeorology and ecosystem function, to forestry, agriculture, and environmental monitoring.

INES is partnered with ICOS Sweden and has staff that works at two research sites that include four ICOS Sweden stations (two Class 1 atmospheric stations and two Class 2 ecosystem stations). These ICOS Sweden stations are co-located with ACTRIS (Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure) stations and are also included in SITES Spectral (infrastructure for spectral measurements of ecosystem monitoring). The candidate is expected to develop their research in close relation to these resources while simultaneously linking up with exiting research areas within the department.

The candidate will conduct and lead research in the department, engage in teaching activities at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and is expected to act as the scientific director of ICOS Sweden.

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