ICOS Sweden is a national research infrastructure, operating stations for greenhouse gas measurements in Sweden. Everyone is welcome to visit our stations and to make use of ICOS data gathered from the full European research infrastructure.

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Long-term measurements of greenhouse gas exchanges

High-quality measurements over wide regions are vital for understanding the mechanisms of global climate change. The aim of ICOS is to provide information on greenhouse gas fluxes through a standardized network of research stations. All ICOS stations follow identical technical protocols within each of the three categories available: Atmosphere, Ecosystem and Ocean stations. The measurement results on greenhouse gases, meteorological and biotic variables are thoroughly controlled before being made available through the Carbon Portal.

Current greenhouse Gas Concentrations at the stations

A science-driven European research infrastructure

ICOS Sweden is the national contribution to a joint European research infrastructure. ICOS RI comprises multiple national networks of research stations as well as several central facilities to ensure standardization and high quality data. It is a science-driven organization involving hundreds of scientists, operating more than 150 stations in 13 European countries.

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Covering most Swedish nature types

ICOS Sweden perform measurements from representative Nordic ecosystems. All ICOS Sweden stations are staffed and the quality controlled data is delivered and accessible at the ICOS Carbon Portal.

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Photo: Per Marklund


Research multisites

Already working side by side with ACTRIS, SITES and NordSpec at several stations, ICOS Sweden is aiming at increase co-location with other actors and thereby creating multisites, beneficial for researchers in the field as well as data users.

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