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ICOS RI and ICOS Sweden

Formed in 2008, ICOS RI is a research infrastructure with European coverage aiming to provide accessible, high-quality data to improve our understanding of greenhouse gas sinks and emissions. It includes station networks in 16 countries, consisting of over 150 stations and involving several hundreds of researchers.

ICOS Sweden is the national contribution to this joint European effort. It operates a network of seven field stations and one station on board a commercial vessel in the Baltic sea, performing continuous measurements of carbon fluxes as well as other related variables. The mix of stations consists of six Ecosystem stations, three Atmosphere stations and two Ocean stations.

All stations in the national networks across Europe follow the same standardized protocols for data gathering. The measurement data are sent to central ICOS facilities where they are quality controlled and processed before being forwarded to the ICOS Carbon Portal where they are made available to users.

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