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European Greenhouse Gas Bulletin Fluxes, Vol 2 published

Volume 2 focuses on potential and limitations of nature-based solutions for removals from a scientific perspective.  Access selected chapters or download the whole issue here

WMO Congress endorses the Global Greenhouse Gas Initiative


The World Meteorological Congress has approved the initiative for greenhouse gas monitoring and quantification. The WMO coordinated global greenhouse gas monitoring…

ACTRIS ERIC officially established by the European Comission


 ACTRIS Sweden is dedicated to high quality observations of aerosols, clouds, short-lived trace gases and exploration of their interactions. It delivers precision data, services and procedures…

Öppet hus vid Hyltemossa Forskningsstation


Lördag, den 3 juni håller vi dörrarna öppna för allmänheten vid Hyltemossa forskningsstation, strax söder om Perstorp (Skåne) mellan kl 11 och 3. Kom, och lär dig  vad vi gör på stationen.

Norunda clear-cut finalized


On November, 24 2022, the clear-cutting at the combined ICOS Atmosphere and forest Ecosystem Station Norunda was finalized. ICOS Sweden measurements will continue to collect data about the carbon…

open position: Research Engineer (100%): ICOS and ACTRIS


Uppsala University is looking for a research engineer to the marine field station Östergarnsholm in the Baltic Sea (being a part of the infrastructures ICOS and ACTRIS). The main task of the…

Very high methane concentrations observed at ICOS Atmosphere stations


Measured methane concentrations at several ICOS Atmosphere stations, i.a. the Swedish sites Hyltemossa and Norunda, showed clearly enhanced levels after the damage of the gas pipelines Nordstream1…

FLUXES, the first ever European #GreenhouseGas Bulletin is out!

New data by ICOS confirms that natural carbon sinks such as the ocean and forests are not stable. Climate change makes these sinks more vulnerable, in some cases even turning them into carbon…

open position: Senior Lecturer at Lund University, deadline 30 September


The Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science at the Faculty of Sience/Lund University, Sweden, is looking for a Senior Lecturer with a focus on micrometeorological methods for…

Abisko-Stordalen Palsa Bog station labeled


Our  northernmost ICOS site Abisko-Stordalen Palsa Bog station was labeled as ICOS Class 2 Ecosystem Station during the last General Assembly meeting which took place between 18 and 19 May 2022 in…

open position: Research Engineer for the Marine Station Östergarnsholm (Uppsala University)


Uppsala University is offering a permanent 100% Research Engineer posistion with starting date 2022-08-01. The main task of the position will be to participate in the development and maintenance…

ATMO ACCESS: 2nd TNA call opening 6th May 2022


The 2nd call for proposals to access the ATMO ACCESS facilities will open on May 6th. If you are based outside Sweden, this will give you the opportunity to apply for access to the Hyltemossa…


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