The Unit for Field-based Forest Research ( at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)/Faculty of Forest Sciences, is hiring a qualified research engineer (100%) in the area of micrometeorology and environmental field measurements. The position is based at Svartberget research station, located about 70 km (one hour drive) from the SLU Forest Faculty in Umeå.

The successful candidate will join a team of in total 15 research engineers and technicians at the research station Svartberget. Svartberget is contributing to three Swedish national research infrastructures; ICOS Sweden (Integrated Carbon Observation System;, also being part of the European research infrastructure ICOS RI focusing on monitoring and understanding the greenhouse gas balance; ACTRIS Sweden (Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure; as part of the European research infrastructure ACTRIS, as well as SITES (Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science; The research infrastructures include extensive automated and manual measuring programs aiming to understand the ecology, biogeochemistry, land-atmosphere exchange and management of boreal ecosystems. 

The main tasks for this open position include the maintenance and further development of the ICOS field research infrastructures and the ongoing measuring programs at two ground-based Ecosystem stations (Degerö and Svartberget) and one Atmosphere station (Svartberget) with a 150 m tall mast. Daily duties include field work in relation to maintenance of sensors, data loggers and multiplexers, troubleshooting and calibration, as well as office work related to programming and handling of data. 


To see the full description of the vacancy and to apply, please follow the link provided below: