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Ocean stations measure pCO2 sea surface temperature, salinity and related variables from ocean surface waters and the near-surface atmosphere. The goal is to quantify the exchange of CO2 between the atmosphere and the ocean and to assess its variability.

ICOS Sweden operates two Ocean stations: Östergarnsholm and Tavastland

Parameters measured at ICOS Sweden Ocean stations
Ocean stations SE-MFT Östergarnsholm SE-SOOP Tavastland
coordinates 57.4301 N, 18.9843 E (flux tower) Baltic Sea
continuous measurements
Turbulent fluxes in air CO2, H2O 1  
momentum, sensible heat 2  
radiative fluxes global radiation 2  
photosynthetically active radiation   x
water measurements temperature profile 4  
salinity profile 4  
surface pCO2 1 1
surface oxygen 1 1
surface temperature   1
chlorophyll fluorescence   1
turbidity   1
phycocyanin fluorescence   1
CDOM fluorescence   1
surface salinity   1
state variables air temperature profile 5  
CO2, H2O profile 4  
wind profile 5  
relative humidity 1  
precipitation 1  
periodic sampling
water sampling nitrogen x  
phosphorous x  
silica x  
salinity   x
alkalinity   x
spectrophotometric pH   x