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Consortium Partners

ICOS Sweden is a research infrastructure of national interest, financed by the Swedish Research Council under grant No. 2019-00205 and the consortium partners:

  • Lund University (host)
  • University of Gothenburg
  • Uppsala University
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
  • Swedish Polar Research Secretariat.


ICOS Sweden is the Swedish node of the international body ICOS RI and is organized according to the scheme below.

organisation of ICOS Sweden

The ICOS Sweden Steering Committee

The present ICOS Sweden Steering Committee members have been appointed by the Lund University Vice-Chancellor in agreement with the Swedish Research Council and the Consortium Partners. The members are: 

  • Eija Juurola, (Chair; ACTRIS ERIC)
  • Lars Arneborg, (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute)
  • Hjalmar Laudon (SLU)
  • Heather Reese (Gothenburg University)
  • Isaac Rodriges Dos Santos (Gothenburg University)
  • Linda Marie Kanders (Swedish Environmental Research Institute)
  • Marko Scholze (Lund University)
  • Lars Tranvik (Uppsala University)

The Steering Committee is responsible for overall strategic and financial monitoring and shall promote development, operation, and management. The Steering Committee also decides on the focus and objectives for the collaboration between the different partner organizations that constitute ICOS Sweden. The Steering Committee meets the Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) annually to discuss strategic issues.

The Scientific Advisory Group (SAG)


The SAG contributes with scientific advice, establishes external links, and acts as ambassadors in general. SAC participates in the annual workshop and, in conjunction to the workshop, meets the Board to discuss strategic issues.

The Reference Group

A Station Principal Investigator (SPI) is appointed for each of the operative ICOS Sweden stations. The SPI have several duties and for several stations, some of the operational work is delegated to an operational Co-SPI. 

Work tasks and duties include managing the activities at their respective measurement station and to be responsible for the data quality checks in conjunction to the data submission to the Thematic Centers. The SPIs participate in the ICOS RI MSAs as representatives of ICOS Sweden and are part of the Management team. The SPIs also promote outreach activities specific for their site e.g. courses and field visits. The SPIs also act as contact persons between the respective partner and contribute to application writing, scientific meetings, and to other matters of strategic importance for development of the infrastructure.

The Management Team is made up of the Director of ICOS Sweden together with the Station Principal Investigators (SPIs), as representatives for their respective measurement station and consortium partner, station support, and secretariat. The team coordinates the activities at the different sites, resolves various technical and practical issues, and is a forum for discussions on the management and development of the research infrastructure. The team has regular phone/internet meetings that are complemented by occasional site visits, when needed.

Coordination Office (CO)

The ICOS Sweden Coordination Office is hosted by Lund University and consists of:

  • Jutta Holst, Director and technical support, Lund University
  • Heléne Holmström, economist, Lund University
  • Irene Lehner, Scientific Secretary, Lund University
  • Michal Heliasz, technical support, Lund University

The Director decides on all day-to-day scientific, technical, and administrative issues of the research infrastructure. The Director also serves as Sweden’s national Focal Point to ICOS RI. The RG promotes external collaborations and research activities and assists the Director in scientific and strategic planning. The CO supervises the activities at the stations and acts as an intermediary between the Board and the rest of the organization. The CO assists the Board in organizing meetings, taking minutes and compiling documents for progress follow up, revisions, and endorsements. Furthermore, the CO coordinates the renewal of applications and agreements as well as the internal communication, and common information and outreach activities. The scientific and technical support module delivers support on instrumentation and computer systems, and on data storage and delivery. The module is a resource for the stations and the costs are shared between the partners.