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Ongoing Research - Some examples 


COREClimbForestProjects at Svartberget/Degerö

The CORE project aims to assess the climate effects of rotation forestry at Norunda, the boreal research site with Sweden's longest record of greenhouse gas flux measurements. Within the project. i.a., exchanges of the greenhouse gases CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide are measured to derive the full greenhouse gas budget of the area, but also biomass dynamics, soil conditions, groundwater and soil moisture dynamics, at scales spanning from microbes to the ecosystem. The dataset is then used to calibrate the ecosystem model LPJ-Guess, simulate greenhouse gas sinks and sources from land and vegetation, and analyse consequences of a range of reforestation strategies and climate change scenarios.

Climb-Forest is a new Horizon Europe project which aims to ensure Europe’s forests are resilient to the changing climate and support people and nature. The project is working closely with the forestry sector and policy makers.

The research group around Matthias Peichl's at SLU in Umeå is working on various projects aimed at improving the understanding of biosphere-atmosphere exchanges of carbon and other greenhouse gases. Follow the link to access a list with short project descriptions.