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Atmosphere stations continuously measure data on greenhouse gas concentrations  in the atmosphere and basic meteorological conditions.  Additionally, descrete air samples are taken daily for possible analyses of other trace gases in the laboratory. ICOS Sweden operates three Atmosphere stations: HyltemossaNorunda and Svartberget

Parameters measured at ICOS Sweden Atmosphere stations. The measurements listed here, are those according to the ICOS Atmosphere station protocols; Please, check the individual station pages for information on additional measurements.
Atmosphere stations Hyltemossa (HTM) Norunda (NOR) Svartberget (SVB)
coordinates 56°06'N, 13°25'E 60°05'N, 17°29'E 64°10'N, 19°47'E
continuous measurements
Gas concentrations : CO, CO2, CH4, H2O, (N2O, coming soon) 30 m, 70 m, 150 m 32 m, 58 m, 100 m 35 m, 85 m, 150 m
PBL/cloud base height at top of lab building at ground level at ground level
wind speed/direction, air temperature, humidity 30 m, 70 m, 150 m 32 m, 58 m, 100 m 35 m, 85 m, 150 m
Turbulent fluxes (energy, momentum, GHG) Ecosystem station (SE-Htm) Ecosystem station (SE-Nor) Ecosystem station (SE-Svb)
periodic sampling
Flask sampling: CO, CO2, CH4, H2O, SF6, H2, 12/13CO2, 12/13CH4, 14C 150 m 100 m 150 m
Aggregated sampling of radiocarbon 14C 150 m 100 m 150 m