How to cite data from ICOS, ACTRIS or SITES

Data from the research infrastructure stations which are part of ICOS, ACTRIS or SITES are open under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License following the FAIR principles. We thus require a proper reference and citation of the ICOS data, using the exact citation (including the provided doi or pid) as provided by the ICOS Carbon Portal.

  • in the Data citation chapter
    • e.g. The methane concentrations / ecosystem fluxes / pCO2-based air–sea fluxes / … were downloaded from ICOS Carbon portal, doi: xxx (name et al., 2023)
  • in the References:
    Use the citation from landing page of the dataset you downloaded, either as plain text or in BibTex format, e.g.
  • In Acknowledgements*:
    • We thank ICOS PIs/TC/CP for providing the data/facilities on the atmospheric composition/fluxes /pCO2/elaborated products/service.
    • We thank PI(s)  name(s) of ICOS station(s) in Hyltemossa for their additional information and thoughtful comments on the paper).

*Mention I-C-O-S here so that robots find your paper in Web of Science

If the main content of a scientific paper is based on data from ICOS Sweden stations, please, acknowledge the Swedish Research Council (SRC) who co-finances ICOS Sweden:

”We acknowledge ICOS Sweden for provisioning of [facilities and/or  experimental support and/or data] we would like to thank x, y and z for assistance. ICOS Sweden is funded by the Swedish Research Council as a national research infrastructure."

If using data from Abisko-Stordalen, please, acknowledge additionally the Abisko Scientific Research station (ANS).

We kindly ask you to inform the data providers, traceable through the metadata connected to the provided DOI or PID, when the data are used for publication(s), and to offer them the possibility to comment and/or offer them co-authorship or acknowledgement in the publication when this is justified by the added value of the data for your results.

Lund University Researchers

Lund University has its own research portal where publications are collected. Most Publications end up in LUCRIS more or less automatically. However, we would like to encourage you, to manually link related publications to the infrastructures at LU (ICOS Sweden, ICOS Carbon Portal, ACTRIS Sweden, etc... ).

Both, data citation and the link in LUCRIS help us, to show that the RIs are actually being used which is important for their future financial support.