Data availability

Data availability

How to cite data from ICOS Sweden

Data from ICOS Sweden stations are open under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License following the FAIR principles. We thus require a proper reference and citation of the ICOS data, using the exact citation (including the provided doi or pid) as provided by ICOS and the reference to the grant number at the Swedish research Council. e.g. :We acknowledge ICOS for either (1) provisioning of measurement facilities and experimental support or (2) providing data from x. y and z, and we would like to thank x, y and z for assistance in using the infrastructure/analyzing the data. ICOS Sweden is co-funded by the Swedish Research Council (SRC) under the Grant number 2015-06020.
We kindly ask you to inform the data providers, traceable through the metadata connected to the provided DOI or PID, when the data is used for publication(s), and to offer them the possibility to comment and/or offer them co-authorship or acknowledgement in the publication when this is justified by the added value of the data for your results.

Data at the Carbon Portal

Within ICOS RI, all raw measurement data from the individual stations are being sent to the respective ICOS RI Thematic Centers, where they will be quality controlled and evaluated following common data handling procedures. The raw data and all analysis results will then be stored in central databases, from where they are being made accessible to end users via the ICOS RI Carbon Portal as ICOS certified data. This data processing and quality control through the Thematic Centers starts, once a station has finished step 2 in the ICOS labeling process.
But there are also data from before the labeling or variables that are not part of the ICOS RI monitoring progam. Data from the ICOS Sweden stations and other stations within the ICOS RI can be found on the ICOS RI Carbon Portal.

Overview of data from ICOS Sweden stations that can be found on the ICOS RI Carbon Portal: Click for download pdf (last update: 2021-01-11)

If you have problems finding what you are looking for, please contact us by mail.