Data at the Carbon Portal

Within ICOS RI, all raw measurement data from the individual stations are being sent to the respective ICOS RI Thematic Centers, where they will be quality controlled and evaluated following common data handling procedures. The raw data and all analysis results will then be stored in central databases, from where they are being made accessible for FAIR use via the ICOS RI Carbon Portal as ICOS certified data. 

The data processing and quality control through the Thematic Centers starts, once a station has finished step 2 in the ICOS labeling process. Data is from the date of labeling available as near real time data (Level 1) and as final quality controlled data (Level 2), which is released twice per year at the ICOS Carbon Portal.

data from Swedish ICOS stations on the Carbon Portal; updated 2024-04-22
Data from the Swedish ICOS stations on the Carbon Portal (resp SOCAT); last update of graph 2024-04-22

Please, check the individual station webpages or the general description of Atmosphere, Ecosystem or Ocean stations for more information on which data is available on the Carbon Portal. If you have problems finding what you are looking for, please, contact us by mail.

Download data from the ICOS Carbon Portal

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Data from the ICOS Sweden stations that is not on the Carbon Portal

The ICOS Sweden research infrastructure has been in operation at most stations since 2014. Three stations have even longer measurement records: Norunda and Östergarnsholm (since 1995), and Degerö (since 2001). All this data is available but in different ways.

If you are interested in data from the Ecosystem station Norunda gathered before 2014, please, contact the station team. Data from the Ecosystem station Degerö from before 2014 are included in the Drought2018 dataset. Data (2005-2020) from the Ocean station Östergarnsholm is available at the Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT), data for later years has been submittedto SOCAT (also for the SOOP Tavastland), but has not yet been published.

Data from the ceilometers on boundary layer height at Hyltemossa and Norunda can be downloaded from the CEDA archive.

All stations are co-located with other research infrastructures. Links to the data bases of these are given on the respective station description page.

How to cite data from ICOS Sweden